Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guess we got so caught up in the moment I have 2 days to update you on now. Lets start off with yesterday.

As always we strolled over to breakfast at pops, and then drove over to St. Hilda's for the morning. The group split up at that point; some taught puppeting, some helped with reading, and some of us started on our labor project for the week, making bookshelves. Then for the afternoon we headed over to the high school that Ashley, the student the Cathedral is sponsoring, attends. The group (which was about 200 students I'd say) all crowded around the puppet theater, which we set up in the basketball court. From there we took a last minute trip out to Xunantunich, a Mayan ruin 15 minutes from San Ignacio and over 135 ft tall. It was absolutely amazing to explore the ruins and it defiantly was an experience no one here will forget. From there we had a relaxing evening and headed to bed.

Today we followed a similar schedule as the day before. Woke up, went to Pops and headed over to St. Hilda's again. In the morning, some taught more puppeting skills while the rest of us finished up the bookshelves. Lunch was amazing fun today. Today was the hottest and sunniest day yet. About 36 and not a cloud in the sky. Needless to say we all got red today. While on the lunch break, we explored the houses surrounding St Hilda's (kind of a neighborhood where most of the school children's families live). We then headed over to the Saint Barnabas elementary to do some more puppet shows. It was unfortunate because I must say, I've never had a more excited group to see a show...and halfway through we lost power at the school. This didn't stir the kids one bit, so we finished the show without the music. Soon after the power returned, so we finished up our visit there will the full show, with more enthusiasm than ever. We also met a little mascot of the school today, an adorable stray dog named Spooky. We then headed back to The Venus Hotel for some much needed R&R, and in about 45 min are heading out to supper.

Hear it snowed in Fredericton today...
try not to be too jealous of us for our weather

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