Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So as promised, now that i'm home, i'll upload some pictures. Unfortunately, I seem to be having some sour luck lately, for some reason my computer wont recognize that my memory card has pictures on it. So until I can figure that out, here are some pictures (about 1 a day) taken by Alyssa Hayter. Enjoy, and expect to see alot more soon!

The kids at St. Hilda's lining up for morning snack
Remember that massive tickle fight I mentioned? Note my face..these children were RELENTLESS
One of the classrooms at St. Hilda's
Teaching some St. Hilda's children how to be puppeteers
Setting up for our show at the High School
Lionel Hayter entertaining the St Barnabas children with Andy the dog
The Cathedral Puppeteers at St Barnabas with our very own Belizian Puppeterr, Ashley
Bev with the newly established St Hilda's Puppeteers
Everyone excited for a fun filled afternoon Friday; filled with Puppet shows, jokes, and dance

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  1. Thanks. It's great to see all those pictures even if there are lots more to come! I bet the kids and teachers are wondering how soon you'll be back!