Monday, March 1, 2010

Week Two safe arrival

After a long and extremely tiring trip down, we have made it to Belize! It is beautiful here. We stepped off the plane to some nice breezy 28 degree weather. For all you who have been to Belize before, or have just returned, you know this is a rare occurrence (usually a lot warmer and a lot more humid with no wind). After a delicious lunch at Cheers, Andrew, the youth leader at the Cathedral in Belize City, drove us to St Hilda's Elementary to stop and say hi to the children. I know know about the rest of the team, but this certainly made my day. They were all smiles upon our arrival, and I know our entire team is extremely excited to be back again tomorrow. After that, (this was approximately hour 32 of our sleepless travel down) we checked into the Venus Hotel....and completely passed out. But that nice little catnap gave us the energy to enjoy a tasty supper at Han-nahs. Then after a relaxing devotional time, debriefing on our trip so far, we've settled in for a good nights sleep (something I greatly look forward to doing as soon as this is posted!).

There are far too many stories to tell and too many pictures to show over the past few days, but unfortunately we're on a bit of a time limit; I've got about 30 seconds till the internet cafe closes, so i'm working under the clock. If there are spelling errors, or sentences that make no sense whatsoever, please bear with me. But we are here, we are ok, and we are SO excited to get started.

I'll try to get in tomorrow at a more timely fashion. That way you can see some of the pictures that have been collected since the last post.

until then, Goodnight from Belize

-Cody McKay

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  1. Great to get this update Cody. We're thrilled you arrived safely. You've likely heard by now that June will not be joining you guys. Enjoy the children of St. Hilda's!