Monday, February 22, 2010

February 21st - Service at St. Andrews Church

St.Andrew's church

We started the day off enjoying an absolutely uplifting service at St. Andrews church, ministered by Father Juan of Colombia. He is here on a three year mission after the church went about six months without a Priest. He is making a profound difference in the lives of so many people. A true treasure to them.
Cindy and Brad joined by Father Juan

The highlight for everyone at this service was that our sponsored student, Ashley Jones, met us and prayed with us. She's an absolutely delightful young lady with many interests. Her favourite subjects are religion and computers. She loves to bake and hopes to possibly become a police officer some day, if she could somehow get the training.
Beverly meeting Ashley Jones for the first time

During the service, Beverly, Susan and Bradley administered the voting process for new church committee members to be selected for the 2010 year. They went through their AGM during the service, seemlessly going back and forth between AGM business and readings, sermon, offering etc.. It was nice to see that they had so many eager members to take part, yet only three new members could be selected. We all thought it was fitting that our Cathedral was also having it's AGM on the same day. Hopefully that too went smoothly. The service also included beautiful music, singing Happy Birthday to March congregation members (+ Sheila from our mission) and thoughtful prayers for us and for our time with the people of Belize.
After the service we were privileged to meet and chat with so many of members of the congregation. In particular, we met an absolute angel of a man - Mister Norman. He is the elder of the church at the young age of 92yrs. He was a very wise and loving man who sang a beautiful song of prayer to us at the end of the service. It was very touching and greatly appreciated. He asked that we send his love and prayers along to his "good friend Harry Palmer".

Doug and Mister Norman
(Just after we gave him a pewter cross from our Cathedral pewtersmiths and an NB pin)

After the service - Week One Away Team with Ashley Jones

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