Thursday, February 25, 2010

St. Hilda's Bathroom - Inquiring minds want to know

This blog entry is for those of you who were at St.Hilda's in 2007 and tirelessly worked on laying the foundation for their bathroom. You'll be interested to know that the boys still use the little blue "hut". The bathroom you worked on was finished in 2009 and is for the young girls only. Ironically, St. Hilda's school has only about 50 girls to the 120+ boys. The bathroom has three nice pedastal sinks and four bathroom stalls.
Some photo's for your enjoyment and curiosity

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  1. Cindy:
    Great to see pictures of the completed bathroom.It looks great. Is there discrimination against males? Kidding. The tables look like their coming together quite well. Will be thinking of you as you begin the trek home tomorrow.