Saturday, February 27, 2010

Team 2 ready to go

This is probably going to be slightly confusing for the next three days or so; by the looks of it, we have 3 people blogging on here all at once.

But to keep it straight, this is a little team 2 update. We are now back on track! After (hopefully) having a nice restful sleep tonight, we'll be heading to the Portland airport to begin our 2 day travel down to Belize City.
In the meantime we've been having a great time here in Portland. This morning, we had a delicious breakfast at our hotel. Then while George and I finalized the flight, the team headed over the the Maine Mall, for a stress relieving shopping trip. For supper we went to Chili's conveniently right next door to our hotel, and had possibly the most delicious dessert I've ever tasted. Sadly I forgot my camera for this.

On the note of camera, I've tried to upload the photos I've taken so far. While I like to call myself a computer expert, I have no sweet clue if this will even work.

Anyway, please keep us in in your prayers for a safe travel down, and If all goes well, i'll blog again in the Newark airport (we'll be sleeping in the baggage claim by the sounds of it..) or hopefully, FROM BELIZE CITY!
talk to you all soon

*these turned out backward. terribly sorry for the confusion, if you want to chronologically look at them start from the bottom and go up. NEXT TIME ill get it!

The Girls Room enjoying their House marathon in Portland after a long day of shopping

The boys room in Portland

Our Friendly's dinner on Friday night in Freeport

Beautiful sunny day for driving to Portland
Lini and Heather look excited to go!

Ready to leave the Church Hall Friday at noon

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