Monday, February 22, 2010

February 21st - Some went canoeing ....

After church, Ashley joined us for breakfast at Pop's Restaurant, Beverly bought her a nice necklace to go with her cross necklace made by the cathedral pewtersmiths, and then Doug took her back to her home.

Photo of us purchasing necklaces, made by two local school girls, outside of Pop's Restaurant

The group split up for our free afternoon of activities.

Beverly, Brad, Susan, Cindy and Sheila ...heading out on a canoeing adventure

Our tour guide, Feliz, was very knowledgeable about the area since he has lived here his entire life. The sounds and sights were awe inspiring and it was a true delight to see the more picturesque sights of this beautiful country. The natural setting of the Macal river was in sharp contrast with the dismal downtown that was only a two minute walk away from where we put our canoe's in.

The crew getting ready to head out

Brad soaking up the sun while the ladies paddle

After the hour+ canoe ride, we hiked for 30+ minutes to a little waterfall where we able to cool off before the trek back.
Heading into the woods towards the waterfalls
"When we go out in the woods today, we're sure of a big surprise"

A community of small homes (all relatives to one another)

Parting ways with our tour guide Feliz

A quick stop at a fruit stand before going back to the hotel

We ended the night off with the rest of Canada by watching the

Canada vs. USA men's hockey game

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