Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello everyone,

here is our first post from Mission team 2.
Sadly we have some bad news. After a long and grueling drive down in the snow, and a lovely dinner at Friendlys, we discovered our flight to Newark had been cancelled due to the record breaking snow that they've received. After a group meeting, George and I have booked a flight out of Portland Sunday evening, arriving in Belize at 1120am Monday. the is the fastest option; they first offered us a flight out Tuesday, so we are extremely thankful to the workers at Continental who when we came back (after they closed) came out and found us an earlier flight. Please Pray for our safe travel and a uncomplicated trip down. We'll have till Sunday, so I'll post some pictures of our journey down tomorrow morning.

until then, we've been travelling since noon, so its time for bed.
talk to you all tomrrow

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