Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 25th & 26th - PHOTO's

Morning Prayer

Beverly and Bill .....hard at work

School children sanding their new tables

The first six tables

Our "home base"
Cindy, Doug and Susan
Starting to paint Mr. Armando's Standard 6 classroom
This is the highest level of public schooling in Belize
(equivalent to our grade 8)
Doug painting all the high, bat dust, areas
Susan recruiting little Robert to help her stir the paint

The village bus

Brad enjoying some time with the children

Students from Mr. Armando's senior class, taking the tables into the chapel

Our team, just after watching Canada win GOLD in women's hockey
End of day devotionals

Beverly showing her national pride
Cindy enjoying some hugs and laughs

A couple students enjoying their new and improved classroom

Beverly with a few of the teachers from St. Hilda's
We gave them some educational gifts including, but not limited to:
practice books, dictionary's, wall posters, erasers, rulers etc...
Saying so long to Stanley as he awaits the bus

Group shot after presenting Mr.Armando with his newly painted & cleaned room
Photo includes Father Juan and his wife Maria and some curious little school children

Beverly tutoring David on reading

Ann and Doug teaching journalism

Group photo before the end of week assembly

Mrs. Ida Bennett addressing St. Hilda's students
This was the first time we saw all the tables occupied - Quite a sight!
Susan and Beverly look on with a little girl

St. Hilda's dance club perform for us

After the assembly we were each presented with a gift from students of St. Hilda's and we presented the school a plaque of Christ Church Cathedral (Aitken Pewter) for them to keep in the school chapel, as a reminder of our friendship.

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