Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 23rd - Second Day at St. Hilda's

We continued to work on building trusses for the morning, until we had enough to build nine tables. Eager to see at least one table to completion, we started working on the other parts of the table. By the end of the day we had two tables at about 95% complete.
Curiosity peaked by faithful observers
They keep trying to guess what we're making ...
despite Ann trying to convince them we're building an Arc
Sisterly Love

Hard at Work

Our good natured foreman, "Uncle Bill"
Smiles speak volumes

Susan and Beverly with the two principles
Mrs. Ida Bennett of St. Hilda's and Mrs. Joyce Shaw of St. Barnabas
School is out ...and the children linger still

Boys Only
Brad holding on to his little "crapo" (sp?) that a little girl insisted he enjoy
It was a fruity berry with a small pit - very juicy

After another successful day, we went to Flayva's Restaurant, and on the way home we met up, once again, with Mr. Anthony Pitts. He's the security guard across the street from our hotel. He serenade's us nightly with his "flute"

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