Friday, February 26, 2010

February 24th - Day three at St. Hilda's

Day Three at St. Hilda's

Beverly with the children - looking at photo's from 2007

Beverly teaching Shari-Lee's class as she was out sick
(Otherwise the children would just be in the class and working on their own all day without instruction)

Hard at work sawing off part of the bolts

The FINAL product

Bringing out the first table - VERY heavy (Canadian Pine)

The crew

Brad drilling on the first maple leaf
Brad made these himself of oak and pine

The first children to sit down on the new tables

The two principles enjoying a chat on "table #2"

Some of the children couldn't wait to help sand the tables
Table #4
The tattoo parlour is officially open
Susan getting mobbed by one group of children...
Cindy getting mobbed by another

Father Juan stopped by to visit us with people from Savannah Georgia
They were in Belize training on a retreat with some local pastors
Another Project
Since the tables are going so well we decided to repaint the senior classroom
It was in really bad shape and completely unacceptable
(exposed light sockets / no lightbulbs / bat dust causing respiratory and digestive issues, filthy walls etc..)
Sheila and Cindy going into the room to start removing the bat dust and filth
Off to dinner at Mio Amore
Ann Deveau and Doug Milander
The ladies
Brad treated Susan, Cindy and three local boys to icecream

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  1. Looks like you all are accomplishing some wonderful things, building some great relati0nships - and tables!- and making some unforgettable memories. God will use all these things in the lives of the children there to help them understand how great His love is for them. Bev, glad you're getting a chance to teach - but you look hot!! We're enjoying mud, rain, sun and temps just above zero here in Moldova. I'm praying for you all. God bless you!