Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23rd - Prayer Request

We would ask those of you who are keeping us in your prayers, please include the following:

1) A prayer for Jamal's health. He is the young man who drives us back and forth to the school each day and he has just had open heart surgery and has blood clots.

2) A prayer for the children of St. Hilda's - that they each grow up proud of themselves, with confidence, knowledge, good health and a happy heart.

3) Ms Carol's grade 6/7 students who are going to a regional spelling bee tomorrow - they are nervous

4) Teachers of St. Hilda's who are doing a very good job under difficult circumstances and little resources

Thank you.


  1. Will remember these prayer requests, Cindy. Good to hear how things are going.
    The ACM went well even as you were helping St Andrew's with their AGM; it was a very positive meeting.
    Will remind the CCC Home Team of the blog again.
    The Lord bless you all with good health, His strength and the joy of the Spirit in all that you do, and keep as cool as you can under the circs!

  2. I will be sure to share your kind message. We are all having a wonderful experience here with the beautiful people of Belize, and we look forward to sharing our stories with anyone interested.

  3. This blog brought tears to my eyes... I love what you are doing and thank you for sharing it! Look forward to seeing you when you get back & hearing more about your experience.

  4. Praying for you all, and Jamal, and the students of St. Hilda's. Enjoying very much hearing your stories and seeing your pictures. Meanwhile, back at home, we are enjoying above zero weather and blue skies. Ooops, also praying that you can tolerate the heat! Looking forward to seeing more shots of the tables..... go team go! -Julaine Palmer, Ann's prayer partner

  5. Cindy,
    So proud of you and your crew. What an amazing experience you are having and what an amazing gift to those who so need a helping hand. Take care...
    The D'Entremonts

  6. Cindy:
    Really enjoying the blog. Your pictures are bringing many memories to me, such as the Church, Mr Norman, the homes you took the pictures of and the children. Hard not to think of the children. Nice to see Ashley's picture. She has grown up a lot in three years. Interested in seeing a picture of the bathroom so many worked hard on the last time.
    Continue to think of all of you and pray for you.